Humming Puppy, Redfern, Sydney


This morning we were super excited for our first class at the brand new Humming Puppy yoga studio in Redfern which just opened yesterday!

Humming Puppy Sydney follows the success of co-founders Jackie Alexander and Chris Koch's first studio which opened in Melbourne’s Prahran last year. We were immediately drawn to the range of classes set within a stylish spa-like environment, but as beginners we were also encouraged by the ease of use - mats, blocks and straps are all provided and there’s even the ability to book your mat position online, eliminating any jostling for position and disruption of chakras on arrival! 
Following each class participants are invited to relax in the stylish lounge area and rehydrate with a flavoured tea or coconut water.

A unique aspect of Humming Puppy is the eponymous hum - a dual frequency vibration at 40 hertz (the gamma-wave frequency of the brain) and 7.83 hertz which is believed to be the resonance of the earth. As photographers who spend a lot of time on our feet with heavy gear it was a joy to relax, stretch, meditate and recalibrate!

The sleek reception area with vibrant, reflective backdrop

The stylish lounge area where members can relax before and after the classes

Complimentary flavoured teas from The Rabbit Hole organic tea bar located below, filtered water and coconut water are on hand for post-class rehydration

A contemporary light fixture is one of the key elements of the lounge area

Thoughtful interior styling touches continue into the changing rooms which rival those of many spas.

Levels 1&2, 146 Abercrombie Street, Redfern, NSW 2016 | (02) 9318 0986 | |